We are currently closed to submissions.

We specialize in Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult Fantasy but are also interested in Science Fiction, Mystery, Poetry, Memoir, and cookbooks. We are not interested in works with graphic violence, heavy language, or erotica content. 

DO NOT query us unless your manuscript is complete and polished from beginning to end. Send a query letter, a one to two page synopsis, and the first 10-50 pages in the body of your email to Any emails with attachments will be automatically deleted. Begin your subject line with QUERY and the title of your manuscript (QUERY: The Cats Go To Mars).

Queries should be three to four paragraphs long (one page single spaced) and cover the following information:

  • Paragraph 1: Genre, word count, any comp titles (books/movies similar to yours in genre, story, atmosphere, etc.), and your elevator pitch (your book explained in one to two sentences).
  • Paragraph 2: An overview of your story including setting, main characters, and conflict. Basically the back cover of a book.
  • Paragraph 3: Tell us about you. List relevant information to your manuscript and any previous publications you might have. If you’re a scientist and your book involves quantum mechanics, tells us about it. If you also happen to like long walks on the beach, that’s probably not the most necessary biographical information for us to learn upfront. 
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